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Let me ask what’s a Facebook store before I write anything? You know that? I’ll be shocked if you don’t remember. I won’t be shocked at the same time. However, you cannot tell me that on Facebook you haven’t seen advertisements that tell you to buy products on the site.

That’s the reason I said I’m not going to be shocked. Well, it’s not the first time that Facebook has such a feature. Facebook used to come up with sites and features such as the buy and sell Facebook groups, as well as the Facebook market.
These features work in the same way as the Facebook shop. I said I would be shocked, otherwise, because over the years since its development this particular feature has become quite popular. Often I may claim that this feature is better than the Facebook marketplace.
Like one, there are no restrictions on this feature. Unlike the Facebook market, which is only available for selected regions, it is free for all Facebook users.

Now, what’s a Facebook store to answer the question? This feature is Facebook. As in the case of Facebook and Facebook, you can buy and sell goods and things easily to other Facebook users. This is simple to create and use, unlike other online shop platforms. A Facebook page is what you need. That’s because the Facebook page feature integrates this feature. That is why a facebook page is required.

Benefits Of Facebook Store

The Facebook shopping platform has many advantages, particularly for retailers. Below are some advantages of using the function;

You are free to configure
For the sales in store on the website, Facebook does not tax.
Your products earn massive local and foreign exposure.
If they are eligible, your goods will appear on the facebook market.
You can also host your Instagram items through the Facebook store.
These are just some of the advantages of using the shop. If you use the feature, you get the key advantages.

Creating how
Follow the steps below to create a Facebook store;

On your Facebook page, select the Add Shop section.
You must follow on the next page the options and instructions on the screen for adding a Facebook shop.
Click on the finish tab when you are all finished.



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